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 About Us 

Gerstle, Minissale & Snelson, LLP, was formed in 2006 to serve clients in the areas of construction law, professional liability, business and insurance throughout the State of Texas. Our attorneys are highly experienced and successful trial lawyers who are also engineers, contractors, and insurance professionals, making them uniquely qualified to understand construction, professional liability, and insurance issues. The attorneys at Gerstle, Minissale & Snelson work closely with you to develop realistic and long-term resolution strategies. As the matter progresses, we consult with you to refine the strategies in an efficient, creative and timely manner.



Our mission is to provide you with ethical, thoughtful, and compassionate counsel all the while championing your cause. We believe that your interests must always come ahead of ours. Our attorneys’ knowledge of the technical, legal, and business aspects of your issues allows us to provide you with helpful, economical, and timely advice. We pride ourselves in assisting you in identifying, discussing, and refining your strategic legal and, to the extent impacted, business interests early in our representation. We revisit those interests and recalibrate our strategy to make certain we are still addressing them. As part of our representation, we also identify risk management issues that, if handled properly, could reduce your potential future liability and exposure.



We have a simple approach to our fees: we bill fairly. We never load a case with unnecessary time or staff. We work efficiently with a lean staff that is astute, knowledgeable, and experienced. When we take on a case, our goal is to give you as much information as we can at the outset so you can understand the extent of your financial commitment. We are business people as well as lawyers, so we know that legal fees are a bottom line expense. Although we can’t make promises as to the result of any case, we can promise that we will explain our rates, maintain our proposed budgets and that our bills to be straightforward, and fair. ​We measure our success not only by our results, but also by whether our client was apprised along the way of the process and costs incurred in achieving the result. Obtaining a positive verdict in a case may seem like a terrific conclusion of a matter, but if the legal expenses incurred to achieve that result dwarf the amount for which the matter could have been resolved, it may not be the best or even the desired conclusion. Maintaining open and consistent lines of communication allows us to collaborate with our clients and redefine what constitutes the optimal result.



Clients hire us because we understand their issues and consistently help them achieve outstanding results. We have an exceptional work ethic and are known by our clients and peers for being approachable, experienced, confident without conceit, responsive, and compassionate. We treat our clients as we wish to be treated—professionally and respectfully. We provide frank advice that puts our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Because of this we are able to maintain long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients.

Also important to us and to our clients is our solid reputation for integrity, honesty and fair billing. We work as efficiently as possible and value the trust our clients place in us.



"GMS attorneys harken back to lawyers of 'yesteryear in that they are very involved in the cases and personable'.”

Karen Mathews, Birdair, Inc.


Gerstle named
“Texas Super Lawyer 2013-2015”,
"Top Lawyer of Texas 2014-2015" and
and American Registry of Top Lawyers 2014-2015

Texas Super Lawyers Magazine, American Registry of Top Lawyers